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Team Member Spotlight

Negar Nicole Marashi



Negar Nicole Marashi has over 20 years of financial experience under her belt. Nicole & her team provide exceptional care to clients at our highly successful West Palm Beach office. Extremely proficient in risk management, tax planning and wealth management, consisting of, e.g., life insurance, annuities, disability, long term care, and investments.


What separates Nicole from others is her transparency as a communicator and her ability to establishing meaningful long-term relationships with her clients.  As a mother of two, and armed with endless compassion for assisting families who are often unknowingly under-insured and/or not wholistically protected, Nicole simplifies the complicated ordeal of Financial Planning and ensures that her clients flow towards success. 


She seamlessly finds the best policy that fits her client’s budget and customizes it for their family’s needs by having access to thousands of Insurance providers in the industry.  Given that most of her clients lack the time, and not the brain power, to set up their finances strategically, Nicole passionately takes the time to do the challenging work for them, while always keeping her clients sufficiently informed along the way. 

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