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Why Emerald

When Help Was Needed

At Emerald Life we offer long term disability insurance, long term care insurance, disability overhead insurance for business owners, health insurance (for individuals and groups), group health insurance plans etc. 

We also help people reach their goals with financial planning, financial consulting, balance sheets, and setting budgets. Additionally, we can make introductions to key financial experts within our network to expand upon our financial team to fit your unique situation. 

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Why Emerald Life?

We are independent, and what that means is we don’t have any production obligations to any one company, not one company pays us more than the other, and that gives us the ability to be more consultative and work with the client and not for the insurance company. That freedom combined with expertise allows us to provide policies combined for your unique situation. 

Fee Based Consulting

You can choose to hire us as a fee based consultant to review a current or proposed life insurance policy. We will then evaluate the policy recommendations to ensure they align with your goals. Our goal is to educate you on the process, the pros and cons of different carriers, and policy design. 

*Fee based consulting is tax deductible as a professional fee.* Check out our sister company CROFT & FROST for your tax planning and professional needs. 

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